2014: A Resolution, a Goal, and a Promise

I love fresh starts, clean slates, making lists, and setting goals. New Year’s Resolutions? I’m in. Even if I don’t accomplish what I set out to do, I so enjoy the process. Last year I resolved to make seafood chowder from scratch. It didn’t happen. A few months ago I made a goal to fully unpack, clean, and organize our home office. I didn’t finish that either, but that’s all right!

This year I’m making a resolution, a goal, and a promise! Why three different things that basically have the same meaning? Because I like the way it sounds! A resolution I can commit to, a goal to work on, and a promise to myself.

I resolve to put down my stupid phone! I carry my iPhone around more than my six month old and I check it obsessively. It’s gross. And, I’m done. Especially when I’m home with my family.

My goal is to blog. Regularly! About, the topics I’m most passionate about; life as a busy mom, quick healthy meals, getting organized, staying organized, and sharing our home projects.

Lastly, my promise is to think positive, because, I find it’s very helpful when navigating the tough stuff and especially rewarding when basking in the wonderful.

Your turn! Did you make any resolutions, goals, or promises for 2014? Please share! 


  1. says

    I made 36 actually and I totally agree with you. I hope I accomplish most, or even some of the goals I made for myself, but the process of writing down thirty-six different things that I’d like to do this year felt so good!


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