October Goals

It’s the first of the month, time for some goals!

1. Make significant progress with our home office – Since we moved into our new house, the room that is supposed to be used as our office has been used more as a catch-all room. It embarrasses me to show people this room on house tours. So, it’s my goal to make significant progress with this room. Stay tuned for a follow up picture!

2. Complete at least one fall-themed arts and crafts project with Landon - It’s important for me to celebrate the season’s with Landon (Brynn too when she’s old enough). Bring on the acorns, hot glue gun, and paper towel tubes.

3. Blog – Blog more. Write more. Go, Kara, go!

What are your October goals?



  1. says

    I admire your committment to craft projects, I totally suck at that stuff. This month, I’m going to exercise and read (books without rhymes or pictures).


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